CLEANAQUA has the edge over competitors with respect to the following three important future needs

1. Environment Preservation
by using a natural process without pollution of the water resources by chemicals.

2. Sustainability of Products
by high durability, proven effectivity with low energy consumption and easy handling

3. Effective Preventive Health
through sustainable and basic disinfection of drinking water.

For all products and system solutions of CLEANAQUA apply that they produce safe and clean drinking water without the use of environmental pollutants or chemical products - according to the German drinking water regulations and the requirements of the (WHO). The disinfectant which will be produced within the CLEANAQUA process is approved according DVGW worksheet W 229 and DIN EN 901 and Table 1 ยง 11 of the German Drinking Water Ordinance (TVO).
The following benchmarking shows that the method previously used in the market each have disadvantages in terms of the environment, efficiency, investment and / or operating costs.

Overview: Pros and Cons of the Disinfection Process in Competition

Technology Environment Effectivity Investment Operating Costs
Clorine Dioxine
Clorine Gas
Ultraviolet UV
Reverse Osmosis