Every day, more than 500,000 people alone from Germany are on business trips and thousands more are touring around the globe on cruise ships or other long-haul journeys. They are confronted with the problem that even while brushing their teeth they can contract serious diseases via the microbiologically contaminated tap water in the hotel, ship or vehicle. To avoid such inconvenience, the CLEANSTIC - as an alternative to chlorine tablets, which have considerable side effects – should be included in every first-aid kit.


Thanks to CLEANAQUA, all outdoor activities - whether camping, sailing, motor boating, hiking and mountaineering - are supported by a drinking water treatment system that provides nutritious, oxygenated drinking water even in extreme areas.
In addition to the use of filters and / or reverse osmosis, the CLEANAQUA disinfection units kill all germs and bacteria that settle in filters and reverse osmosis systems.  Both the CLEANSTIC and the CA Blue are ideal for this.

Crisis Aid

In crisis areas, refugee shelters, epidemics and pandemics, such as Ebola can spread very quickly, the further spread of which can be prevented by thorough hygiene and, above all, regular hand disinfection.
The CLEANAQUA products for the just-in-time production of sodium hypochlorite are suitable for protecting doctors, assistants, nursing staff and other groups of people from further infection in crisis areas and for strengthening the immune system against infections by providing access to (clean) germ-free and healthy drinking water.

Drinking Water Systems

Drinking water in households and business must not contain E-coli bacteria or other pathogens. Legionella, which are always present in the water, are also a serious health hazard if they have increased to an excessive extent in the warm water system and cause a bacteriological lung disease (Legionella) via the shower or taps, which in extreme cases can lead to death.
CLEANAQUA offers various system solutions, e.g. CA Sunpower for stationary installation in the water pipe system as well as for disinfection and preservation of drinking water that is stored in tanks.


After it has been established that Legionella can multiply exponentially in the temperature range between 20 ° and 40 ° Celsius in cooling systems and cooling towers in industry, and that in the past the exposure to bacteriologically contaminated cooling water was the most frequent cause of lethal Legionella diseases, the operators of such cooling water systems in Europe are legally obliged to meet more stricter hygienic requirements.

The effective control of these bacteria requires a sustained disinfection process, during which the biofilm in which the bacteria are stored is completely destroyed, in order to avoid a re-contamination, which can still have even more serious effects. Extensive studies have come to the conclusion that the CLEANAQUA process effectively destroys the biofilm and can therefore be used to combat legionella.

Medical and Social Facilities

Hospitals, nursing and old people’s homes, dentist’s and doctor's surgeries are subject to very special hygienic conditions, since patients and above all elderly people not only have a weakened immune system but also a possible spread of infections must be prevented.

The process used by CLEANAQUA to produce sodium hypochlorite - just-in-time - has proven itself as a protection against infection and is particularly suitable for medical and social applications because sodium hypochlorite is permanently effective and the bacteria do not become resistant to sodium hypochlorite.

In the interest of their patients and their own health prophylaxis doctors and hospitals should invest more in the protection against waterborne infections, also because ist saves cost.