The CA BLUE can be used in many different ways: whether it's camping, sailing, cruises, business trips or expeditions, the CA Blue ensures germ-free drinking water on board a ship, in a camper van, holiday home or hotel.

Germ-free drinking water is a vital thing that is urgently needed every day. Normally, every caravan, yacht and boat has a water tank to supply at least 10 people with drinking water. However, germs in the tank cause the originally good drinking water to become contaminated and thus have a detrimental effect on health. This is because the aeration and deaeration device of the tanks promote algae growth and especially microbial contamination. This means that even if the water was first germ-free, it can be assumed that it will be contaminated over time by the air supply.

The CA BLUE counteracts this. For example, with a 100l tank, the CA BLUE must only be used for 10-15min per day to produce healthy and germ-free drinking water.

But not only the drinking water on board should be germ-free, also the process water for personal hygiene, e.g. brushing teeth and showering. This is because infants and elderly people whose immune system is not yet fully developed or is already weakened due to age, should be protected from Legionella, which can cause a disease of respiratory tract (Legionella).

The CA BLUE is a mobile immersion electrode that comes standard with a 16cm stainless steel rod with a 2.5m cable and a car plug. Power can therefore be supplied directly via batteries, ship-board voltages, vehicles or directly via solar panels and 230 V AC / 12 V DC power supply units. An electrical output of 12 watts per hour is required for the disinfection process. In order to trigger the disinfection process in the water, sufficient salt must be available. The installation is carried out simply by hooking it into the water tank via a corresponding tank feed-through and screw connection.