We are supplier of devices and systems for off-grid, net-independent drinking water treatment. Our company has set itself the goal of enabling people all around the world to have access to healthy, hygienically safe drinking water from any source- well, river or rainwater - without the use of chemicals, while retaining the minerals present in the water, with the minimum use of energy and resources.

Our Philosophy

Seeing a chance isn’t an art. The art is to see a chance first.
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

As a pioneer in the field of grid-independent, so-called off-grid technology for the supply of hygienically safe drinking water, we developed the first devices and systems for decentralized drinking water treatment with solar energy and salt more than 20 years ago and successfully implemented them with a focus on North, West and South Africa.

The latest products and system developments make use of the technical possibilities of microelectronics and digital technology in the sense of Smart Living to conveniently operate and control drinking water treatment.

Foto: Wolfgang Vogt, www.vogtfoto.de