Foto: Wolfgang Vogt,

The CLEANSTIC 4.0 is a World-Novelty and just as handy as the CLEANSTIC 1.0.

With the CLEANSTIC 4.0 as well as with the CLEANSTIC 1.0, pre-filtered water can be disinfected anywhere in the world within seconds without side effects and treated by ionization to produce qualitatively healthy and germ-free drinking water.

Thanks to CLEANSTIC, more than 100 people can be supplied with germ free and healthy drinking water per day, departing from a minimum quantity of 1 litre per person.

CLEANSTIC 4.0 is a HIGH-TECH stainless steel rod of 17 cm length, operated by 2 industrial batteries and 1 pinch of high quality salt.

In modification to the CLEANSTIC 1.0, the operating status of the CLEANSTIC 4.0 is automatically controlled by LEDs and a processor.