Foto: Wolfgang Vogt,

Healthy drinking water in all

With CLEANSTIC 1.0, you can transform contaminated water into germ-free and healthy drinking water within seconds.

Not only is the CLEANSTIC 1.0 so small and handy, it also fits into any handbag or breast pocket when travelling.  It has a diameter of 1.8 cm, a length of 17cm and a total weight of about 170g. The CLEANSTIC 1.0 consists exclusively of drinking water tested high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a long service life.

Every drinking water - worldwide - contains salt and therefore a certain conductivity.This is used by the CLEANSTIC 1.0 for its electrolysis process

As soon as it is immersed in a vessel filled with water,the water is ionized. This causes the effective disinfectant sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) to develop and oxygen (O) is also released into the water.

These reactions destroy the biofilm and all bacteria and viruses that automatically settle in drinking water pipes and water whenever water comes into contact with air.